BRIDGES: Unflappable


ILOILO 2nd District’s Rep. Arcadio Gorriceta made promises to his constituents in 2010. So far, he has kept nearly all those promises.

After emerging victorious in the election that pitted a town mayor against a prominent figure in the previous administration, Gorriceta went to do a job.

He hasn’t shirked his responsibility of being a leader and making hard decisions. We think people will recognize that by the time the election rolls around in 2016.

Also, Gorriceta’s personality, the character that people always seem to recognize he possessed, has somehow made him a winnable candidate – smooth, completely unflappable. No matter what anyone did on the other side, he was that sort of person who would not react outright and when he did, everyone would want to listen to what he has to say.

And if he did pour his thoughts on a certain issue, you may not agree with him, but always you will find the former Pavia chief executive to be very fair-minded and engaged – this is the reason why he was widely admired as a symbol of stability and ordered progress.

Truly, he has emerged as a resolute figure in Iloilo politics.

Gorriceta’s achievement was partly one of style. A nervous and sensitive man, his public posture of unflappability served to reassure the electorate that he will remain strong and secure.

And while effectively governing Pavia, he had learnt lessons he had never forgotten. If, in some respects, they may have left too deep an impression on his mind, the gain was greater than the loss.

But the depth of his character was nearly hidden from the public because mostly, he refrained from public comment on political matters, although he spoke a number of times about issues close to his heart.

He remained a sardonic and good-humored spectator of contemporary affairs.

Thus, a lot of people have been robbed of being able to see the ample scope of Rep. Gorriceta’s characteristic qualities of wit and generosity.

More imaginative and fair-sighted than most of his generation, he stood for much that is best in Filipino political life – its decency and tolerance.

He helped create a society which provided for the vast majority of the people of Pavia a happier and more secure life than they had ever known.

Without a doubt, Gorriceta has given us an example of what’s right with government./PN