‘Buti pa mommy mo’: KC responds to follower’s ‘balyena’ comment

KC Concepcion is not one to back down from bullies.

But instead of fighting fire with fire, she opted for a “thankful” comeback – a sarcastic one that reminded her followers against putting other people down.

Ang taba mo naman kasi. Papayat ka nga,” went the basher’s comment on one of her Instagram posts early this week. “Buti pa mommy mo pumapayat na, ikaw nagiging balyena ka na. Susme celebrity ka pa naman.”

Concepcion, 34, is the daughter of screen veterans Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta.

Cuneta, who has been open about her struggle to lose weight over the years, recently surprised fans with a trimmer figure at her movie’s premiere night.

Responding to the harsh comment, Concepcion said: “Thank you for body-shaming me. I’m sure you feel very proud of yourself.”

Concepcion, whose last major acting project was in 2014, has spent recent years establishing herself as a jewelry entrepreneur, even taking up studies on the field abroad.

During her time away from the limelight, Concepcion also rekindled her relationship with her French boyfriend, Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

Last year, Concepcion credited Plassart for his “unconditional love,” and for motivating her to be the “best version of myself.”

“Ladies, don’t be with anyone who makes you feel ugly, fat or less than who you are,” she said at the time. “Show them to mind their own business and you’ll know something they won’t: What it’s like to be happy from the inside and feel your best. You are beautiful and you’ll only get better and better.” (ABS-CBN News)


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