Campus Celebs: Bubbly lassie

By Raymart Escopel

Aside from her nice personality, charming aura and positive vibes, this teenage campus celebrity is a certified attention-grabber. The recent addition in our roster of campus celebs describes herself as a bubbly, fun to be with and friendly individual.

Charmine Faith Carisma is an 18-year-old Business Administration student of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University. When she wants to take a break from school, she loves to hang out with her friends, write short stories, dance to the grooves and listen to good music. Moreover, she added that she is eager to learn and explore new things as well as help people in need.

Her bubbly personality, talent and appeal landed her a spot at MKF Production Artists Club Inc. According to her, belonging to a production that hones the talents of its artists is a big achievement to her part as she gets to share her God-given skills to other people.

She also added that being in the production has made her feel pressured especially that people expect something from her.

Despite that, Charmine is confident she can live up to her title as a campus celebrity by simply being herself and by serving as a good example to others, especially to the youth. Furthermore, she added that being a role model doesn’t demand being perfect, but by being accountable to one’s actions. She also encourages everyone to never stop believing in the goodness of others.

Charmine joined MKF Production Artists Club, Inc. because she wants to experience things she hasn’t tried before especially in showcasing her talents.

She believes the production is the best venue to express herself as well as share the values and lessons she learned as an artist. Aside from that, she also wants to further explore her undiscovered talents to make herself become a better person.

She noted that MKF Production Artists Club, Inc. has greatly helped her as a person. Through the experiences she had in shows, she was able to find out her limitations and show her hidden talents. The production has also taught her the value of time, made her a better performer, and most of all, gave her the chance to become a better person.

Be one of Iloilo’s local celebrities and experience a production like no other! Join MKF Production Artists Club, Inc.

For more information about their services, you may like their official Facebook page, MKF Production and call telephone number (033) 335- 1330 or mobile numbers (0916) 222-6371 and (0929) 388-1717. You may also visit them at 2nd floor Milmar Commercial Bldg., Bonifiacio Drive, Iloilo City./PN