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Pinoy Seafarer's Rights

Seafarer’s diabetes as compensable illness due to stress

A SEAFARER’S diabetes is considered a compensable work-related illness due to the stressful work condition on board the vessel. In Apolinario Zonio...

Protection of seafarers’ rights and ambulance chasing

THE DWINDLING numbers of deployed seafarers are usually misleadingly blamed by employers and manning agencies on the increasing number of litigated cases.

The perils of Filipino fishermen in Taiwan

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan – Migrant fishermen in Taiwan must be able to live onshore instead of sleeping on the boats on which they work.

Pope Francis: Help seafarers to lead holy lives

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan – Pope Francis has encouraged port welfare workers and chaplains to continue with renewed ecumenical spirit their efforts to protect and safeguard the rights of all people...

Allotment, remittances and violence against women, children

A FILIPINO seafarer can be held criminally liable for abandoning his financial obligation to persons to which he is obliged by law to support.

5 Lacsonians among 10 outstanding maritime students of the Philippines

FIVE Lacsonians were recently recognized as 2019 winners of the annual search for the Ten Outstanding Maritime Students of the Philippines (TOMSP) in line...

Filipino seafarers as disciples of the Church

MANILA Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle has acknowledged the role of seafarers, Filipino mariners in particular, in propagating the teachings of the Church, and not merely major contributors...

Karaoke and the National Seafarers’ Day

IT IS AN understatement to say that karaoke is a central part of the Filipino pop culture, including seafarers whether on board or in between contracts.

Seafarer as gender neutral term in maritime industry

IN RECENT decades the word “seafarer” has replaced the word “seaman” in the male-dominated maritime industry. The term “seaman” was widely used to describe anyone...

Flowers as tribute to deceased Filipino seafarers

WREATHS thrown into the sea is a tradition that carries to all the deceased seafarers the message of love and gratitude as the flowers embody life...

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