Claudine Barretto posts new video showing sister Marjorie threatening to punch ‘Inday’

JUST when we thought the real life drama between the Barretto sisters had come to an end, Claudine Barretto is back with a new video exposing her sister Marjorie allegedly threatening to punch ‘Inday.’

In the one-minute video shared by Claudine, Marjorie can be seen talking to her children.

“We’re leaving Dad. Super drama to death si Inday. Baka masapak ko,” she said.

She went on, talking to one of her children: “Sapakin mo nga para sa akin.”

At one point, Marjorie’s daughter, Dani can also be heard saying: “I’m so pissed.”

Meanwhile, Claudine, seemingly throwing diss at her sister, wrote in the caption: “Wow. That’s what you call a good daughter. I will always be a real good daughter,” referring to Marjorie’s statement during her TV Patrol interview. This made netizens assume her older sister was pertaining to their mother, Inday Barretto.

While the younger Barretto did not disclose when the video was taken, it seems like the incident occurred during the time their father was confined in the hospital. (Push


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