‘DonKiss’ pairing has long been over, reveals Kisses

KISSES Delavin took to social media on Sunday to tell her supporters that her onscreen partnership with Donny Pangilinan, dubbed by their fans as the “DonKiss” love team, has long been over.

Apologizing for her “social media blackout,” Delavin said she is now speaking up after she learned that there is an “ongoing plan from my DonKiss supporters to assemble at ABS-CBN today, to appeal for this onscreen partnership.”

While she respects their feelings and understands the bleeding hearts of her supporters, Delavin said she is “not in favor of this fandom war of my DonKiss supporters against the other ship of my former onscreen partner to go on any further.”

Delavin said she will not permit herself to be involved in a situation wherein two girls are to suffer being pitted against each other “just to earn the ‘victory’ of being a guy’s loveteam.”

In the end, the actress thanked everyone who’s been with her and Pangilinan in their journey.

“Thank you for the memories. It was good while it lasted,” she said. (ABS-CBN News)


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