Doug Kramer shares reason why he retired from PBA

DOUG Kramer has retired from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). In an Instagram post, the athlete shared why he decided to leave the world of basketball.

“I started playing basketball for the love of the game and I’m retiring because I respect the game. It has given me so much, and my way of leaving is to give others a chance. My slot will be a dream-come true for the next player up,” he stated. 

He added that he wants to leave PBA while he is still healthy and able. “I’m leaving knowing I’m still healthy, with no major injuries throughout my career. I don’t want to wait till my body is breaking down, or till mentally I’m drained of the daily routine of training. I’m moving on because I choose to do so. Basketball is not forever. And I never made it to become my only avenue. It’s very temporal. I’m 36 years young and still so much to do,” he shared. Doug remarked that at this point in his life, he wants to go beyond his comfort zone.

“If it weren’t for the Lord in my life, basketball and everything else wouldn’t make sense. I want to give God more opportunity to work in my life, and what better way than leaving my comfort zone. I’ll do what I can, God will do the rest,” he stated. (Push)


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