Duterte orders Kapa shutdown, arrest of names involved

President Rodrigo Duterte orders the shutdown of Kapa Community Ministry International Inc. for its alleged involvement in the continuing crime of large-scale estafa and pyramiding schemes. CNN PHILIPPINES

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte said not only those behind the religious group Kapa Community Ministry International Inc. but also its benefactors and sponsors will be held liable.

In his speech in General Santos City on Thursday, Duterte said those whose names appeared on the paper as involved in Kapa in any capacity will be arrested.

The President added he ordered the National Bureau of Investigation for the arrest as the group was involved in the continuing crime of large-scale estafa, which is a non-bailable offense.

“All of you who are in Kapa, in case your names will appear in the papers, watch out because you will be arrested without bail,” Duterte said.

The President ordered the shutdown of Kapa which was allegedly involved in pyramiding schemes.

Kapa was earlier flagged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly soliciting investments in the form of donations and a monthly investment interest rate of 30 percent./PN


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