Duterte slams Trillanes ‘shameless’ over ‘ouster plot’

President Rodrigo Duterte (right) slams outgoing Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV as “shameless” while he believes the truth about the destabilization plot will eventually come out. ABS-CBN NEWS

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV after the latter was tagged as the brains on the destabilization plot against the chief executive.

In a speech on Thursday in Davao City, Duterte slammed Trillanes as “shameless” while he believed the truth about the destabilization plot will eventually come out.

“Lalabas rin ‘yan pero sabi ko wala kang hiya, hindi ka lalaki,” Duterte said. “Anong makuha ninyo kung patayin ninyo ako? At ‘yang mga black propaganda eventually the truth will come out.”

The President fired back at Trillanes, accusing him of owning cars and property listed under the names of other people.

Self-confessed “Bikoy” Peter Joemel Advincula on Thursday claimed the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos were all lies designed by Trillanes, with the help of the Liberal Party, to discredit incoming Sen. Bong Go and put the Duterte administration in a bad light.

Advincula added Trillanes was in line to be appointed as vice president if Vice President Leni Robredo will be successful in unseating Duterte.

Trillanes rejected the claims of Advincula and will consult his lawyers for possible legal action.

“I deny the allegations made by this ‘Bikoy’ character. This could be another ploy of the administration to harass the opposition. For now, I will be consulting with my lawyers so that we could also file the appropriate charges against him,” said Trillanes. /PN


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