Eco-friendly campaign


FOR A CLEANER campaign, candidates in the upcoming midterm elections are urged to comply with Commission on Elections’ Resolution 10488 providing for the rules and regulations implementing Republic Act 9006, or the Fair Election Act, specifically Section 6 on “lawful election propaganda.” Political parties and candidates are encouraged to use recyclable and environment-friendly materials and avoid those that contain hazardous chemicals and substances in the production of their campaign and election propaganda.
The resolution also asked parties and candidates to comply with local ordinances governing the use of plastic and other similar materials.

Yes, all political parties, party-list groups and individuals taking part in the midterm polls have the obligation to protect the environment from being defiled further by irresponsible campaign activities.

They must “green” both their electoral platform and campaign strategy ahead of the start of the official campaign period (this Tuesday for senatorial bets and party-list groups and on March 29 for those running for local elective posts).
Here’s a challenge from the Ecological Solid Waste Coalition: “We dare all political parties and candidates to incorporate ecological sustainability into their electoral platforms. We challenge them to present green solutions to the electorate that will address our nation’s problems with environmental degradation, dirty energy and climate change, chemicals and wastes, including the plastic pollution crisis.”

Are the candidates up to the challenge?

Politicians should tell the public where they stand with regards to burning environmental issues such as single-use plastics and plastic packaging, electronic and plastic waste importation, dumpsite closure, waste-to-energy incineration, among other concerns. They should show their concern for Mother Earth by rolling out an eco-friendly campaign that will not harm and pollute the ecosystems.
An eco-friendly campaign is compliant to the country’s electoral, environmental and health laws, particularly the Fair Election Act, Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Tobacco Regulation Act, etc.

Instead of the usual 4Gs (guns, goons, gold and garbage) of dirty politics, politicians and their backers should embrace the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, respect) of clean politics.


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