Eddie Garcia may be taken off life support

STILL in a deep comatose state after figuring in an accident last weekend, veteran actor Eddie Garcia is reportedly deteriorating despite being on a life support machine at the intensive care unit of Makati Medical Center (MMC) where he was transferred, according to a report from a local news site on Thursday.

Lilibeth Romero, the longtime partner of the former “Ang Probinsyano” star, confirmed this in the said interview, where she shared exclusive details about his unfortunate condition at length for the first time.

“He was declared DOA (Dead On Arrival) at the first hospital,” said Lilibeth, referring to Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo, Manila where Eddie was first rushed on Saturday morning. “I learned that when he stumbled on a cable wire and hit his head on the pavement, he broke his spinal cord. It was the ‘freakest’ of accidents that could have been prevented.”

Contrary to initial reports, Eddie didn’t suffer from a heart attack but of a neck injury after accidentally tripping on a wire during the taping of a program he is starring in. This was attested by Dr. Enrique Lagman, her uncle and one of the doctors from MMC where he was initially revived and later on placed under critical condition, said Lilibeth.

“I was asked if I wanted to have Eddie resuscitated but I bided my time. I might make a decision this afternoon (yesterday),” she added.

As of Thursday, Eddie remains reportedly unresponsive, his condition described as one of “Glasgow coma, the lowest rate.”

Of the incident, Lilibeth could barely hide her disappointment over the lack of a medic or standby vehicle on the set, having called Eddie’s one “that could have been prevented.”

“I was told that the accident happened on the third shoot of the same scene from another angle,” told Lilibeth, who said that she hasn’t spoken to the management of GMA network yet, “and they should have checked the condition of the street and if cable wires were scattered all around.” Although she was told that Eddie was in a comfortable place (in an air-conditioned tent, to be exact) while waiting to shoot his scenes prior to the accident.

The news, of course, came as a surprise to her more than anyone since Lilibeth was aware that Eddie was in good condition based on their routinely check-up once every three months. “His blood pressure and blood sugar were normal,” said Lillibeth, “And he even campaigned (for a party list) in last May 13 elections, staying under the oppressive sun for hours. I was with him, prepared with towels, drinks and sandwiches. So I was devastated when I saw that accident on the video clip. And it had to happen in line of work! I saw the video only once and I don’t want to see it again.”

She also added that “nothing unusual” happened the night before and the morning of the accident. “Everything was the usual. As he used to, he was smiling when he bade me goodbye. At the ICU, I keep on whispering to him, never mind if he doesn’t respond at all, not even with a slight movement of his fingers.”

Meanwhile, prayers of his fast recovery continue to pour for Eddie as of this writing. (Push)


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