Get involved

WE CONTINUE to hope that industrialized countries would commit to ambitious sustainable development goals such as deep cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions and significant technological and financial assistance to countries which remain poor and vulnerable to disasters.

But as we demand bold global climate action, we must equally demand from ourselves involvement in adaptation, mitigation and resilience efforts in our respective communities.

Yes, we must have a change in mindset from arguing over the division of work to one where we’ll do the maximum we can. We must be the change we seek. With all the disasters that we have experienced – from dengue to typhoons to droughts to floods – we have to be concerned and get involved now.

For example, we could have reduced the volume of floodwaters, if not completely prevent flooding, if we have been faithfully implementing the Solid Waste Management Law and if we all do our share in protecting our environment. The same is true with dengue. We must clean our surroundings and get rid of stagnant water.

On the other hand, the Climate Change Act, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, and the People’s Survival Fund Act, as well as other environmental laws, should all be fully operational and implemented down to the local level. Local-based resilience strategy should be strengthened.

Yes, there must be greater action not only from the government but from all concerned sectors and every citizen.


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