Healthtech Outsourcing Philippines: The Key to Unlocking CX Success

Photo courtesy of PITON Global
Photo courtesy of PITON Global

The healthtech industry is constantly evolving and growing, and with it, the demands for efficient and reliable business processes. Outsourcing has become a popular solution for companies looking to streamline their operations and improve customer experience (CX).

According to Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global and one of the country’s leading experts on healthtech BPO, “The Philippines has emerged as the preeminent destination for healthtech companies looking to outsource their CX requirements, and for good reason. One of the key advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines is the availability of highly skilled and caring professionals. The country has a large, skilled, motivated, and English-speaking workforce; over the past two decades, it has built a world-class outsourcing industry to handle both front- and back-office functions, including voice and non-voice interactions. This has made the Philippines a top destination for healthcare and technology companies looking to outsource their BPO requirements.”

Outsourcing CX-related services to the Philippines also offers significant cost savings for healthcare providers. Wages in the Philippines are 60% lower than in many developed countries, making it a cost-effective outsourcing option for companies looking to improve their CX without breaking the bank. The most commonly outsourced operations include customer care, back-office, and technical support.

“Two leading US-based healthtech companies, operating the telehealth space, have successfully migrated their CX requirements to the Philippines. Both companies have been outsourcing their customer and technical support requirements to contact centers in the country and have seen measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and cost savings as a result,” says Ellspermann.

“In today’s customer-centric world, the importance of CX cannot be overstated. Healthtech companies that prioritize CX are more likely to retain customers and attract new ones, which ultimately leads to increased revenue, and growth,” adds Ellspermann.

Outsourcing to the Philippines can help healthtech players thrive by providing a cost-effective solution for improving CX without sacrificing quality.


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