THE best kinds of friendship are those that can conquer even the tall mountains. Group of friends can literally apply this once they decide to jog in Mt. Napulak.

Mt. Napulak is one of Igbaras’ most sought after tourist attractions. Standing 1,239 meters tall, the mountain surely is a challenge to climb but the challenge is all worth it as soon as you realize that the journey is just as beautiful as the destination.

Based on personal experience, here are some tips on how to survive and enjoy your hike at Mt. Napulak with friends:

  1. Have some exercise before the start of the hike. It is not advisable for a first-time hiker and non-exerciser to have their first time hiking experience at Mt. Napulak. It takes hours to reach the peak of the mountain and if you aren’t used to walking for hours then better not spend your first hike in this venue.
  2. Bring lunch for yourself and for the tour guide. Yes, you have a tour guide once you hike the mountain and he is very friendly. No matter how tired you are, a tour guide like Ben (a resident of Brgy. Bagay, Igbaras) will always cheer you up and motivate you to keep on hiking. Pack some lunch for the group and also for the tour guide. Treat him as part of the group as well.
  3. Do not sit down when tired. Take some pauses when you hike. Upon taking these pauses, don’t sit down. You’ll get even more exhausted once you sit down. Just stand up until your energy gets back.
  4. Drink a lot of water. Water is your most essential companion when hiking. Be sure to keep dehydrated during the hours of hiking. On the way up and down, you will get to pass by two sources of spring water. Naturally cold and fresh, you will feel more energized upon continuing your hike.
  5. Do not step on the Rafflesia. The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia is found at Mt. Napulak. It’s quite difficult to take a photo at it as it rests on an inclining surface. Be very careful. We don’t want to accidentally step on the beautiful flower.
  6. Take a lot of photos. Mt. Napulak is a visual masterpiece. It’s not just about reaching the destination but with the journey as well. You’ll pass by trails with tall plants and bodies of water and they all look so beautiful. Take photos every time you see a great view. Moments like this don’t happen every day. Cherish it.
  7. Meditate once on the peak of the mountain. It doesn’t get more peaceful than this. The view is gorgeous. The scenery is beyond beautiful and the noise that surrounds you is the wind’s harsh yet tender whisper. It’s the perfect time to meditate about life.
  8. Thank your friends. Through rough trails and smooth ones, dangerous paths and safe ones, high and lows, rivers and land, take one look at the friends you’re with and feel grateful that they have always been there for you during the challenging hike in the mountain and as well as the difficult hike called ‘life’./PN


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