Hospital puts spotlight on ill effects of smoking

SAN JOSE, Antique – The provincial hospital in this capital town is putting the spotlight on the ill effects of smoking as it launched a campaign against the habit recently.

Cigarette smoking is pervasive – it harms not only the smoker but also those who inhale the smoke – said Dr. Susan Secreto, chairwoman of the Smoking Cessation Clinic at the Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital.

“It (Smoking) has ill effects on our bodies, and it has long-term effects that could lead to a person’s death,” she said.

Smoking can lead to heart problems, including hypertension, heart attack and stroke, Secreto said.

It could also lead to the amputation of the legs because of the dead tissues caused by clogged veins.

Moreover, the habit could trigger recurring asthma attacks to smokers who are asthmatic.

Those who have been smoking for a number of years may suffer from chronic destructive pulmonary disease.

“Smoking may be an economic burden to families as smokers would allocate their budget to cigarettes instead of food,” Secreto said.

The provincial hospital established the Smoking Cessation Clinic in compliance with Republic Act 9211, or the Tobacco Regulation Act. (Carlson B. Alelis, PIA/PN)


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