How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

“I WILL exercise regularly. I will eat healthy food. I will save money. I will learn a new skill. I will donate part of my salary. I will not gossip.”

But here you are, still lounging in bed with nothing to do when you could have used the time run a mile. You still drink soda and eat junk food every single day of this year. You use all your salary buying Starbucks coffee and stuff that you do not even need. You enroll yourself in karate classes but never really attended one because duh, you’d rather spend your time on social media. You still find yourself gossiping with your officemates during your lunch breaks.

You have too many New Year’s resolutions but you have never really stuck to even one.

New Year’s resolutions have become a tradition. It is famous everywhere. Every start of the year, we write down our goals. But what should we do to achieve them? Here are some ways:


It is important to start small, to make resolutions that you think you can really achieve. Do you think you can buy a house this year with your meager income?  Do you aspire to have a car when you cannot even pay for your electric bills? The key to making New Year’s resolutions is to always start small.

For example, instead of saying you will not eat junk food this year, why not say you will only eat junk food once a week? That is more achievable, right?

Always remember the SMART mnemonic – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Make sure your goals are SMART.


Share your New Year’s resolutions with your friends and loves ones. That way, you will have a support system. Whenever you have the urge to go against your resolution, they will motivate you stick to your goals. As we all know, the best support system is our loved ones.


Print a copy of your resolutions and paste it on your bedroom wall and office cubicle. You can also keep one in your wallet or make it as your phone screensaver. This is to always remind yourself of your New Year’s resolutions.


Start following your resolutions immediately. Sometimes, we tend to just forego our goals until such time that we have forgotten about them or have made it a habit not to do anything to achieve them. We tend to be lazy and complacent. “I’ll just exercise tomorrow,” you say. But how many tomorrows have gone? Soon, the year will pass and you haven’t even run a kilometer. Always, always start right away!


“Enjoy the journey as it is more important than the destination.” Yes, our goals are important. But pay attention to the process, especially to your progress. Be happy with what you are achieving every day.


When you already achieved your resolution to lose weight, reward yourself with new stylish clothes. Every time you have achieved something, go to the mall and pamper yourself. “Have small rewards and a ‘grand prize’ for completion.”

New Year’s resolutions are always made but are also always taken for granted. The year 2018 is coming and it is time to reach those goals. Start the New Year right and end it with a new, improved you!/PN


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