Jerryboy strikes again …

WELL…well it seems Jerryboy a.k.a. “I Am Iloilo City” congressman Jerry Treñas did it again; another woman became the reluctant recipient of the good congressman’s now famous outburst reducing her to tears and humiliation in front of her peers.

The first “outburst” happened October last year and it was also against a woman employee of city hall. Just to refresh your memory here’s some excerpts from the Oct. 2, 2018 issue of Panay News:

Did Treñas threaten city gov’t assistant dep’t head?

If the assistant department head of the city government’s City Planning and Development Office were to be believed, Cong. Jerry Treñas threatened her.

According to Architect Dolly Zoluaga, she presented to Treñas the city government’s “Development of Park in the City’s Civic Center” project at the congressman’s office Thursday last week.

“Daw lain ang pag-take niya… its unfortunate nga ang pag-interpret niya is daw ginahingabot siya,” said Zoluaga yesterday.

Treñas denied threatening or harassing Zoluaga but admitted he may have raised his voice a bit.

He said he would file a complaint for technical malversation before the Ombudsman against Zoluaga and possibly other city government officials.

According to Zoluaga, Treñas took her office identification card and had it photocopied.

“Gin-threaten niya ako. Kun may matabo kuno dira sa surroundings, file-lan niya ako kaso,” said Zoluaga.

She described Treñas during their meeting as “loud kag intimidating.”

And the latest “outburst” from Jerryboy made it to the news again. Here are excerpts from the Feb. 21, 2019 issue of Panay News:

Treñas’ outburst forces Dinagyang exec to quit

Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc. (IDFI) vice president Marissa Segovia tendered her irrevocable resignation after being subjected to a humiliating outburst by Cong. Jerry Treñas.

Segovia did not issue a statement to the press but IDFI, in an official statement from foundation president Ramon Cua-Locsin on Feb. 19, defended her and obliquely criticized the congressman.

Treñas confronted Segovia, a businesswoman, during a meeting of the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation on Feb. 14 for supposedly not having been invited to the Dinagyang Festival last month.

IDFI accepted Segovia’s resignation with reluctance.

In a previous interview with reporters, Treñas said that as an official of the city, he should have been invited to the Dinagyang and that the festival should have been spared from politics.

The foundation noted that under Executive Order No. 115-2018 issued by Mayor Espinosa in November last year, the City Mayor’s Office was in-charge of the VIP invitations.

According to the IDFI, it has always deferred to the Office of the City Mayor when it comes to inviting local and national officials/guests to the Dinagyang.

To me it looks like another episode in the long running “Joe and Jerry Peep Show” featuring Jerryboy’s now famous – or is it infamous? – outburst. Seriously, this childish sibling rivalry between two 60-something politicians (now a serious political contest for the mayor of “I Am Iloilo City”) is hilarious and quite boring.

What makes it hilarious is that both Jerryboy and Joe baby are married to two sisters and their lives both private and public were intertwined before this seemingly misunderstanding over something I need not mention. But seems to be talked about in coffee shops, not necessarily in the now gone Café Salvatore.

What makes it boring is that anyone who thinks he or she is a person of interest knows the real reason for this “childish sibling rivalry” and an intense overwhelming desire to serve the natives of “I Am Iloilo City” might not even be it.

Of course, not to the one who has no say on this “Dinagyang outburst” Joe baby also had his take:

More excerpts from the Feb. 21, 2019 issue of Panay News:

On Monday, Espinosa criticized Treñas for humiliating Segovia.

“Maninggit ka sa babaye kag insultuhan ang babaye. There were people there,” said Espinosa.

According to the mayor, he did not want to comment on the shouting incident but “gina-twist nga ako ang may sala.”

“I will never do it to a woman. Ako na-shock pagkabati ko. I know Marissa. Tani ginapatawag mo lang sekreto kun may lain ka buot,” said Espinosa.

Of course, it was also reported that Jerryboy has already apologized to Ms. Segovia.

So what’s with Jerryboy? He seems to be quite tense these days. Is the coming fight for the mayor of “I Am Iloilo City” getting to him?

Take note the official campaign period has yet to start and already nit-picking and trash-talking is in full swing.

Talks in coffee shops are saying that Jerryboy might not be up to the rigorous campaign and it may affect him both physical and emotionally and this early the stress is causing these “outbursts”. But of course all these are just coffee shop talk, maybe just too much caffeine fix.

Meanwhile Joe baby seems to be just fine, looking healthy and every afternoon still hangs out at the La Paz Tennis Club. Why, to play tennis of course!

Maybe a tennis match between Jerryboy and Joe baby will iron out the kinks between them. Well, that is if Jerryboy is up to it. (


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