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Social climbers and gullible fools

THIS column is dedicated to all those gullible fools who fancy themselves trendy by posting on Facebook “I would like to testify in Congress, it was me in the sex video” #Everywoman.
Unless you’re Carlos Celdran who has an ulterior motive in doing so then you’re just gullible fools who have actually no idea what the entire issue is all about. Worse, you are a wannabe social climber who feels it’s trendy to be part of the so-called “in crowd.”
By the way, Carlos Celdran knows that I know what the ulterior motive is. If you’re really curious what the motive is, here are some clues: “Damaso”, Office of the Solicitor General, Mar Roxas. I may disagree with him but I completely understand why he is doing what he’s doing.
Sen. Leila de Lima is not Joan of Arc. She is not fighting for a just cause; she is fighting for her personal and political survival. The issue she is facing has nothing to do with her being a woman. What she is doing is diverting attention from the true issue by hiding behind the so-called gender discrimination.
And what are the issues Leila de Lima is facing?
She is accused of being an illegal drugs protector and profiteer.
When she was the Secretary of Justice, she allegedly allowed the drug lords to use the Bilibid Penitentiary as a base for the illegal drugs trade and she profited from it.
She is accused of protecting drug lords in exchange for sex and financial profit.
Corruption. She allegedly used her position as Secretary of Justice to dish out favors to her favorite employees i.e. her driver and security detail.
Now these are but a few of the numerous charges she is facing. There are more to come; we are just talking about the ones in the ongoing investigations in Congress.
Now let me ask you, self-proclaimed advocates of women’s rights, these questions based on the real issues confronting your champion, Sen. Leila de Lima.
Is being a protector of and profiteer from illegal drugs a gender issue?
Is asking for accountability in abusing your authority as Secretary of Justice a gender issue?
Is using your office and position as Justice Secretary to protect drug lords in exchange for money and sex a gender issue?
Is being a corrupt government official a gender issue?
Well, I don’t think so; Leila de Lima has never denied the accusations. All that she’s doing is making a lot of noise that she’s being discriminated just because she’s a woman.
The so-called “sex tapes” of Leila de Lima having sex with her driver, if indeed it is her, is essential in corroborating the link between her and the drug lords as the driver is identified as her conduit and “bagman “with the drug lords.
Personally, I don’t care who she goes to bed with as long as they’re not children or animals; she can “shag” anyone she wants.
If the “fat bitch” (to borrow from Teddy Boy Locsin) – and let me add, ugly performer – in the “sex tapes” is not Leila de Lima, then what is the problem? Why is she going ballistic at the threat that the tapes might be played in the congressional investigations? If you know that you are not in the tapes, would you really care if it was shown on public television?
People, you’ve been taken for a ride by Leila de Lima and like the gullible fool and social climber that you are, you swallowed it “hook, line and sinker.”
The issue here is not about her being a woman but about Leila de Lima as a corrupt protector and profiteer of illegal drugs. What you should have done is rally against her as she is giving women a bad name./PN



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