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It’s not Marcos, stupid!

IF ONE were to accept “hook, line and sinker” the headlines and stories coming out of the mainstream media, particularly the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, ABS-CBN, and GMA TV, it would seem that these islands including all the natives inhabiting it are in mortal danger just because former President Marcos was buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The rage and rabid hatred coming out from the priests and nuns of the so-called elite schools, particularly Ateneo and St. Scholastica and their gullible and trendy students, are not only unbecoming but totally out of place in Catholic learning institutions. The Catholic religion was founded and based on these principles “love your neighbor as yourself” and forgiveness.

Is this what the nuns and priests of Ateneo and St. Scholastica are teaching their young students to spew out hatred like venom?

If so, then there’s no difference between them and the ISIS fanatics in indoctrinating children to be used as their weapon in pushing their agenda of hatred.

The ulterior motive of these priests and nuns is to bring down President Rodrigo Duterte; it’s really unfortunate that they are using these gullible young students.

The way these people behave it’s as if the burial of Marcos destroyed the Republic; the burial actually destroyed and buried myth of the Aquinos. The Aquino family and their pet oligarchs have long been using Marcos as their bogeyman to keep them relevant. They’ve always believed that no president would dare allow the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Unfortunately for them, President Rodrigo Duterte does not give a shit about what they believe.

The real “clear and present danger” to this country is the proliferation of illegal drugs and the monster it created which is “narcopolitics.” And what is it? It is a political term applied to states where policies are seen to collude and cooperate with the illegal drug trade.

In the case of the Philippines, it is not only policies but politicians and elected public officials that collude and are financed by the illegal drugs trade i.e. Sen. Leila de Lima.

Watching the ongoing investigations in Congress on the illegal drugs trade shows the extent of influence that the drug lords have on the government, from the lowly barangay captain to policeman, mayor, congressman, and senator up to Cabinet officials all the way up to Malacañang.

Now do you wonder why Rodrigo Duterte won as President and wants to shoot all those involved in the illegal drugs trade?

The natives are pissed off with the “dissinte” and nincompoop Noynoy Aquino who allowed the illegal drugs trade to become the growth industry of his administration. It is because of this nincompoop that we have the rise of drug lords like the “Odictas” and the “Espinosas” controlling and financing mayors, congressmen and senators.

Now, may I ask you, did the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani cause a drug-crazed addict to rape a six-year-old girl or another addict robbed and stabbed a student for his cell phone? And did the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani caused the rise of “narcopolitics?” Of course not!

The only harm that the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is to the false pride of “old farts” who have become irrelevant and are using this issue to become relevant. In particular, the specific people that were affected by the burial of Marcos are the Aquino family as they are becoming irrelevant.

Let me repeat: the “clear and present danger” to this country is the rise of the illegal drugs trade and “narcopolitics.” It’s not Marcos, stupid!/PN



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