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NOPE, it’s not the title of a new Mother Lily movie or the latest edition of the “Spice Girls” but definitely all of the above are “golden girls.” It’s not also the title of some new porn flick but for sure the love life of one of the above makes good material it might even eclipse 50 Shades of Grey or the sequel.

So what makes these three women (I don’t think they qualify as ladies) special that they occupy today’s column?

For starters all three have one thing in common: they don’t like President Rodrigo Duterte and columnist Mocha Uson plus nothing would make all three of them ecstatic than to see both Duterte and Uson fall, perhaps dead would be the icing to their cake. One is shagging the driver and security while one is also shagging her personal hair stylist who just happens to be a sitting congressman, and the other one is not known to be involved with anyone sexually. My guess is this one is just happy with herself and her toys.

What in the world is a “Loida, Leni and Leila”? Let’s get to know them one by one, starting with “Loida”. Loida Nicolas Lewis, according to Wikipedia, is a Filipino-born American businesswoman who is the widow of TLC Beatrice founder and CEO Reginald Lewis. She is a lawyer by profession and her current net worth is $600 million.

Aside from the fact that this woman has a lot of money she seems boring enough and you would not even give her a second glance. What makes her interesting though is that playing politics is her favorite pastime. She supported financially and campaigned for the presidential bids of Hillary Clinton and Mar “Daang Matuwid” Roxas. Of course both candidates lost. Now she is the chief financier of “Plan B”, the attempt to unseat President Rodrigo Duterte and install Vice President Leni Robredo in his place. This is not surprising since she is also the main financier and adviser of Leni Robredo’s bid.

What is notable about her is her statement during the presidential campaign that the Philippines needs Noynoy Aquino and his “Daang Matuwid” (whatever that is) to remain in control of the Philippines for 18 years. It’s a good thing Mar Roxas lost otherwise the Philippines would become the “model country” for narco-politics where even the dogs are drug addicts. I wonder what Loida is smoking or she’s probably just senile.

Leni is Maria Leonora Gerona Robredo, currently the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and the last remaining hope of the “yellows” to return to “happy days.” As Vice president one is considered the “presidential spare tire.” Unfortunately most of the natives view Leni as a spare tire that is flat. She has currently no portfolio in the Cabinet of President Duterte and no other official function except as a “spare tire” albeit useless.

She is known to spend her time doing pictorials for magazine covers and going around the country and abroad projecting herself and her imaginary achievements as Vice President. Of course, most of the natives are not impressed and regard her as an “airhead.” She is also widely known to have as her personal “hair stylist” congressman Jolet Banal who is seen in public and in pictures caressing her hair.

And finally Leila, she is Sen. Leila de Lima, also known as the “Drug Queen of the Bilibid Prison” and lately as “Mutya ng Halimaw” according to President Duterte. During her watch as Secretary of Justice the National Penitentiary or the Bilibid Prison was turned into a luxurious headquarters and main distribution point for all the illegal drugs in the country. It was also during her time as Secretary of Justice when the illegal drugs trade became the Philippines’ growth industry. She is infamous for shagging her driver and close-in security when she was Secretary of Justice. Now she’s a senator of the Republic. How she was elected as one is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 21st century. Recently she was awarded by the political magazine Foreign Policy for standing up against President Duterte. Of course nobody buys that “award.” The hand of Loida Nicholas Lewis and her gang of anti-Duterte politicians in America is quite obvious.

Standing up against Duterte, my foot! Leila de Lima is fighting for her freedom and political life as her involvement in the illegal drugs trade will soon come crashing down on her.

If there’s any person that should be given an award for standing up against a President from Marcos up to Noynoy Aquino, it should be Concha Araneta. I do not see anybody else worthy of an award for standing up against a President./PN



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