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Monday, March 20, 2017

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“LADY Gaga”, sometimes known as “The Barefoot Lady of Naga” aka Leni Robredo, has done it! She not only badmouthed the Philippine National Police but attempted to destroy with a pack of lies the reputation and image of the Philippines, a country she has sworn to protect as vice president.

Before you go berserk I am only referring to Leni Robredo as vice president only because that’s what she is at the moment. That is, until the votes are finally recounted and it is proven that her votes came from voters hiding inside the Precinct Count Optical Scanners or PCOS machines then we can drop the vice president title and refer to Leni Robredo as “Lady Gaga.”. 

Too bad she does not even have an ounce of the artistic creativity of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the real “Lady Gaga”; her performances may sometimes border as a “circus freak show” but no doubt she is a creative artist.

Unlike the “one before her known as Madonna” she can sing, with six Grammy awards to prove it.

Can “The Barefoot Lady of Naga” sing? Thank God I haven’t had the misfortune of hearing her attempt to sing during her political sorties ala Alma Moreno. Just to be sure, maybe we should ask Cong. Bolet Banal if Leni sings in the showers or when he caresses her hair when he performs his duties as her official hair dresser.

What Leni Robredo did in that video that they claimed they sent to the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs at its 60th meeting last March 17 was to read with a smiling face a script prepared by using mostly materials from Rappler.

Now we know that Rappler, an online blog site, owes its very existence and possibly profit if it continues to spread negative stories against President Rodrigo Duterte.

In that video Leni Robredo portrayed the Philippines as a country wherein anarchy reigns in the streets because of President Duterte’s “war against illegal drugs.” She portrayed the Filipino people as “hopeless and helpless”, in short there’s killing everywhere and compared to the Philippines, Somalia is heaven.

Of course, we all know that this is a pack of lies and I need not elaborate on that; just ask “everyman” on the streets and he/she will tell you that they support President Rodrigo Duterte and his “war on illegal drugs.”

What Leni Robredo did is a desperate attempt to bring down President Duterte as she and the rest of the “Daang Matuwid” gang know that she is about to be removed as vice president with the recount of votes and that effectively dashes their hopes of a comeback.

On top of that, if President Rodrigo Duterte falls, then the rest of the “Daang Matuwid” gang i.e. Leila de Lima, Antonio Trillanes, Franklin Drilon, Florencio Abad just to name a few, will be spared for the crimes they did to country during Noynoy Aquino’s regime.

Who stands to profit with the fall of President Duterte?

Elementary, my dear Watson; the drug lords, the oligarchs, the mining companies, Mar “Daang Matuwid” Roxas, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, Leah Navarro and, of course, Noynoy and Kris Aquino, and certainly not the Filipino people!

Allow me to share some excerpts from Manila Times columnist Roberto Tiglao:

I WAS shocked at Vice President Leni Robredo’s video message sent to the UN Commission on Narcotics Drugs to be played at its 60th meeting today.

Either this lady is so naïve, or so stupid, that she doesn’t really know the gravity of her message, which I suspect she doesn’t, since she was reading the message, obviously done by a Liberal Party writer, as fast as she could.

“She even had the kind of facial expression with a smile that VIPs have when they send congratulatory messages to some group on their celebration – while she was talking of thousands of Filipinos killed. Or she has been totally deluded by the narrative of the Yellow Cult desperate to get foreign help to overthrow President Duterte.

“Whichever is the case; Robredo shames the nation by portraying the Philippines as a failed state like Somalia, Eritrea or Liberia where the rule of law has totally broken down, and where the streets are littered with the corpses of the innocent killed by the police. She shames herself as she makes allegations against her own government, based on patently false data.

“I found it astonishing that as she spoke she even had the official seal of the Vice President and the Republic. But she was really speaking not as the Vice President but probably as the last of the Yellow Cult leaders.”


And with that folks, I rest my case./PN




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