JV Ejercito ‘ready’ on possible senate defeat

Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito and “Jinggoy” Estrada

MANILA – Re-electionist senatoriable Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito said he is prepared for the eventuality of not making it to the “Magic 12” of the recently concluded senatorial election results.

While he is still hopeful to enter the top 12, Ejercito said on Tuesday night he is ready to accept defeat as he believes that he will be walking away from politics with his “integrity intact.”

“Just in case I really don’t make it, I’m ready, I can live without politics. I can walk away with my integrity intact. That I am quite proud of,” Ejercito said.

Based on the latest partial and unofficial count by the Commission on Elections, Ejercito is at 13th spot in the Senate race with 13,930,001, just behind 12th placer Nancy Binay, who has 14,174,883 votes.

Ejercito, however, did not avoid blaming the decision of his half-brother, former senator Jose Pimentel “Jinggoy” Estrada, to also join the 2019 midterm elections for his low rankings.

“It’s a simple case of spreading ourselves too thin, everybody running for different positions at the same time,” Ejercito said. “I knew (Jinggoy’s candidacy) will affect our winning chances.”

Their father Joseph Ejercito Estrada also lost Manila mayoralty bet Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, while Jinggoy’s daughter Janella Estrada failed in her own bid as San Juan Mayor against Ronnie Zamora.

“I think all of us will be affected. And I think that’s what happened,” he added. “Things happen for a reason. My brother running, him coming out, that really affected my winning chances.” said Ejercito./PN


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