Let your summer begin in Guimaras beaches

APRIL finally arrived so that means summertime is already here. Ilonggos’ summer are truly memorable once it is spent in the island of Guimaras.

Guimaras beaches are well-known for their scenic view. Its picturesque scenery is a living piece of art. Your eyes can truly never get enough.

Once you are in the location, you feel your feet press against the sand and the breeze giving you the chills. The feeling it gives is the perfect relaxing moment for summer time—carefree and oh so soothing.

Irean April Emboltura, a beach lover and a mother of two expresses her love for Guimaras. She told Panay News, “Well, Guimaras has the best beaches. First of all, it’s very accessible for us, Ilonggos. They’re also very affordable too. There are lots of choices, from high mountain inland resorts, to beaches with pool areas, and to camping style beaches.”

Emboltura and her group of friends call themselves “Arevalo Travel Squad” but regardless of wherever they go, their hearts always come home to Guimaras beaches.

Summer is ideally fun, tranquil, and filled with picture perfect moments. Make this ideal summer a reality with Guimaras beaches./PN


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