Lin-ay sang Negros 2024: A Celebration of Grace and Advocacy

Captivating hearts and championing causes, candidates of redefine beauty


THIS YEAR marks the grand 28th edition of the Lin-ay sang Negros pageant, an event that promises a spectacle of beauty, intellect, and social advocacy unlike any before in Negros Occidental.

With a record-breaking roster of 29 vibrant candidates, this year’s competition is celebrated not just for its size but for the depth and empowerment of its participants. These women are not only recognized for their external beauty but are also lauded for their keen awareness and engagement with pressing societal issues, embodying the true essence of what it means to be “empowered beauties.”

Rodney Mitz Ascalon of Team Acids, the creative genius behind this year’s production, shares that each candidate will champion a social cause, demonstrating the depth of their understanding and relevance in today’s discourse on economic, social, and political matters. “Their advocacy is their voice, and their wit in presenting these issues during the Corporate Night will not only highlight their elegance but also their essence and intellect,” Ascalon explains.

In a world where beauty is often superficially judged, the Lin-ay sang Negros pageant dares to differ. The Q & A segment, a pivotal moment of the pageant night set against the backdrop of Panaad Park & Stadium’s lush football field in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City, will see these remarkable women showcase their eloquence and quick-wittedness, further cementing their stand as frontrunners in societal change.

This year’s theme embraces the earthy, organic aesthetics championed by Joey Ayala, the iconic Filipino music legend, through a kalikasan (nature) concept that will be woven into every aspect of the competition.

As the evening unfolds, candidates will grace the stage in Hablon fabric, each outfit a masterpiece of different cuts and styles, moving rhythmically to the poignant lyrics of Ayala’s songs such as “Magkaugnay” and “Tabi Po.”

Revealing another layer of innovation, Ascalon shares that the swimwear competition will feature designs inspired by the diverse festivals of Negros, turning the runway into a vibrant tapestry of culture and celebration.

“It’s a nod to our heritage, making the most awaited portion of the pageant a platform to showcase the rich festivals of each town and city in Negros,” he adds.

The evening gown segment promises to be a display of glamour and elegance, with designs inspired by landmark architectural marvels from the candidates’ locales. This fusion of beauty, culture, and architecture reflect the multifaceted charm of Negros Occidental, aptly described by Ascalon as a “Land of Sweet Surprises.”

Each of the 29 candidates brings her unique story and advocacy to the stage, such as, for example, Janice Villanueva from Don Salvador Benedicto town, who represents the Tribu Panay-Bukidnon. Her participation marks a first in the pageant’s history, shining a light on the indigenous peoples’ culture and heritage in Negros.

Supported by the provincial government of Negros Occidental with a P50,000 cash aid for wardrobe, makeup, and other necessities, these candidates are set for a journey that goes beyond beauty — a journey of empowerment, advocacy, and cultural pride.

As we anticipate the crowning of this year’s Lin-ay sang Negros, let us celebrate not just the beauty these women possess but the powerful voices they bring to the forefront of societal change./PN


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