Nadine Lustre calls out litterer, stresses responsibility to nature

ACTRESS Nadine Lustre took to social media to remind her followers of the intrinsic connection between humanity and nature after a recent encounter with a litterbug aboard a RoRo ferry.

During the trip, the “Ulan” leading lady said that she caught an irresponsible driver mindlessly throwing paper and plastic wrappers outside his van’s window, which could’ve possibly ended up into the ocean.

“I picked it up, knocked on the door and asked the driver to throw it properly in a trash can,” said Nadine. “I don’t think I can forgive myself if I just stood still and let the trash go into the ocean.”

With this, the one half of JaDine called for everyone to take responsibility towards Mother Earth as “we are part of everything.”

“Everything that we do to harm the earth will, eventually, come back to us. Maybe not now, but in the future,” she said. “The universe has been so good to us. We are all so lucky to have a home that has everything we need.

Nadine said that simply having a sense of responsibility and love for nature should be enough for anyone to jump into action.

“Let’s be grateful and start taking care of it. Please, please, please, let’s all work together.” (Push)


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