Nico Bolzico talks about wife Solenn’s pregnancy

WITH his wife Solenn Heussaff already in the third month of pregnancy, Nico Bolzico couldn’t help but share how proud he was about his wife on his Instagram account last Oct. 14.

He wrote: “It hasn’t been an easy journey for us and we still have three more months to go, but the love for our baby girl and the support of our loved ones have made us overcome all the obstacles!”

He went on to write that since he met Solenn, he always felt she was too good for him, “but since she is pregnant, I don’t only feel she is too good for me, but I also feel like the most useless human being on earth.”

“I thought I knew Solenn, but seeing her pregnant changed my whole perception of her as a woman. I didn’t know she could be capable of so much love, but also, I wasn’t aware of her strength,” Bolzico wrote.

“We think we are the stronger gender, but we don’t understand how wrong we are until we see them being pregnant; so we should be 100 percent there for them to make sure we make ourselves useful if or when they need us,” he added. (Push)


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