No Arroyo endorsement letter – Bureau of Customs

MANILA – The Bureau of Customs said on Tuesday it did not receive any correspondence from House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo endorsing an applicant for a position in the agency.

“This affirms the statement of the [House] speaker and former president Arroyo that she does not endorse any applicant to any government position,” the Customs said in a statement.

Citing news reports, the bureau said there were letters bearing fake signatures of Arroyo, including one that endorsed an applicant to the Customs.

The Customs said it has verified that “no such letter has been received” by any of the bureau’s offices.

“The BOC (Bureau of Customs) has been strictly observing the hiring process as mandated by the Civil Service Commission,” it said.

“Applicants do not need any recommendation or endorsement letters to be hired,” added the bureau. (GMA News)


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