P4.8-M Halandumon Tower ‘not overpriced’

The P4.8-million Halandumon Tower, located at Gatuslao-Gonzaga streets in downtown Bacolod, earns criticism of netizens who described the allocated fund as “overpriced.” It was recently inaugurated by the city government during the June 18 Charter Day celebration. ARCHIE ALIPAO/PN

BACOLOD City –The newly inaugurated P4.8-million Halandumon Tower in Gatuslao-Gonzaga streets is not overpriced, according to the City Engineer’s Office.

Project engineer Loben Ceballos said the structure was based on the program of works and was not overpriced, retorting to the criticisms of netizens who described the allocated fund as “exorbitant.”

Ceballos noted the structure is made of steel materials, its column cover made of light wall concrete and the Light Emitting Diode lighting is programmable weather proof.

“The original plan of the height of the tower was 23 meters but because of insufficient funds it was only built in 14.9 meters,” he explained.

Councilor Em Ang, meanwhile, said the Halandumon Tower was built in commemoration of the 80th year of Bacolod City last year. She added the completion was delayed because of some factors and it’s timely that the project was finished just in time with this year’s June 18 Charter Day celebration.

Ang added the tower has eight columns that depict the sugarcane, a backbone of the city’s economy and in Negros Occidental.

“It’s eight, symbolizing eight decades of Bacolod as a City,” she noted./PN


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