PHO Aklan urged public to follow ‘4S strategy’ vs dengue

KALIBO, Aklan – The Provincial Health Office (PHO) urged the public to follow the “Enhanced 4S Strategy” to swiftly prevent the spread of mosquito-borne disease after the declaration of a national dengue epidemic.

Provincial Health officer I Dr. Cornelio Cuachon Jr. said the strategy means “search and destroy breeding sites; seek early consultation; self-protection; and say Yes to fogging only in hotspot areas where increase is registered for two consecutive weeks.”
He added regular and coordinated community clean up drives and 4S strategy will help reduce dengue cases in the barangays. 

“The best way to eliminate dengue is to intensify the cleanliness drive in schools, workplaces and homes,” he said. 

Based on PHO’s data as of Aug. 3 this year, the number of dengue cases in Aklan now reached 3,877 with 18 deaths.

The town of Kalibo has the most number of dengue cases in the province with 816, followed by Banga with 396; New Washington, 344; and Balete, 310.

Cuachon also advised local chief executives and barangay officials to implement these steps to stop the spread of the virus:
* Synchronize the conduct of the 4 o’clock habit or the simultaneous cleaning of the household and     community surroundings, getting rid of stagnant water and other mosquito-breeding sites and conduct of measures to prevent water stagnation every day, starting at 4 p.m.

* Facilitate chemical intervention, such as spraying and larviciding or the regular application of microbial or chemical insecticides to water bodies or water containers to kill mosquito larvae and pupae.

* Encourage residents to observe early consultation. (With a report from Akean Forum/PN)


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