Pinoy idol group to perform at Korean-Ilonggo fest

AN ALL-FILIPINO idol group that trained under a Korean company will add frenzy to the weeklong celebration of the 8th Korean-Ilonggo Friendship Festival on Aug 12-25, 2019. SB19, the first Pinoy idol boy group to train under a Korean entertainment firm, ShowBT, is set to perform in Iloilo on August 18 at Festive Walk Megaworld. Ilonggos will have a chance for a meet and greet with the group and have a glimpse of their newest single “Go Up!”

SB19 made its debut on October 26, 2018. The group is composed of well-rounded performers who can sing and dance a wide variety of genre, write their own music, and create their own choreography. Its members are Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin.

Their aim is to break into the Philippine music scene, introduce a new culture and to be a group that can compete with international boy bands and make Filipinos proud. The 8th Korean-Ilonggo Friendship Festival will kick off on August 12. It is an initiative of the Iloilo Korean United Community Association in partnership with the Iloilo City government, Festive Walk Mall Iloilo and Iloilo Kpop Organization. The festival is not only a showcase of Kpop (Korean pop) music but also of other aspects of Korean culture that swept the Filipinos.

Take part in the various activities which include showing of Kpop music videos and eating spicy food. Experience the colorful culture of Korea with the Korean traditional fan dance and Samulnori (Korean Traditional Dance and Music). On August 17, there will be a Kpop Cover Dance Contest organized by the Iloilo Kpop Organization. Kpop enthusiasts are also invited to join the Kpop and Hiphop Dance Class with brothers Ken De Guzman and Keith De Guzman on August 24-25. Learn the choreography of “Boy With Luv” by phenomenal group BTS. The festival, which is held annually, is also a way to make Koreans feel much welcome in Iloilo./PN


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