Population of Iloilo province up 0.84 percent

ILOILO – This province’s population increased by 0.84 percent last year from 2017, data from the Provincial Population Office (PPO) showed.

The 2018 population, based on the data gathered by Barangay Service Point Officers, reached 2,087,361.

In 2017, it was 2,067,873, according to Ramon Yee, PPO chief.

The 10 areas with the highest population count last year were the following:

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Posted by Panay News on Friday, September 6, 2019

These areas have been consistently leading the population count in the province since 2016, said Yee.

The PPO also observed an increase in the number of households these past three years: 439,194 in 2016; 447,012 in 2017; and 455,326 in 2018.

What accounted for the population increase?

Yee mentioned two factors: births and “in migration” or the coming in of people from another area.

In 2018, the PPO recorded 22,652 births.

Yee also revealed that there are more males (1,055,465) than females (1,031,896) in Iloilo./PN


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