Pregnant Andi cherishes moments with daughter Ellie

AS excited as she is to welcome her second baby, Andi Eigenmann is admittedly feeling sentimental at the thought of her firstborn daughter Ellie no longer being her only child.

This she revealed as she counts down to the last couple of weeks until she gives birth to her first with her partner, pro surfer Philmar Alpayo. Sharing on Instagram last Sunday an outtake from her maternity shoot in which she and Ellie were captured together at the beach, she wrote:

“This last couple of weeks with Ellie as my only child has been nothing short of amazing! Which is perfect because these are moments I will treasure forever, as we reach a new chapter in our lives. Although it pleases me to know that she has just been all kinds of positive about our growing family, I can’t help but try and hold pause on these little moments we share together, just the two of us, as much as I can.”

“This bond with my first born will definitely truly never ever be broken— after all she’s the reason for all the good in my life. The one that made me realize how big I can love and how much of it I have to offer,” she added.

In a separate post this Friday, Andi, currently 33 weeks pregnant, shared an update on her pregnancy by uploading a new photo of her growing baby bump on her page.

“I am 33 weeks pregnant today! Meaning: there’s no such thing as a good night’s sleep anymore, I now require 52 pillows to survive, heartburns have been so intense, need to pee 24/7, always dehydrated, found out I’ve been anemic AF. BUT ALSO, since my last pink wall post – lazy days are over: I signed up for prenatal yoga classes 2x a week, been eating healthy (still inconsistent because chicken nuggets, snicker bars and doritos, but in moderation), lying around has been a chore so yes to playing with dolls and arts and crafts, etc, at home with Ellie,” she wrote.

“I now weigh 149lbs, from 125lbs (of muscle) at the start of this pregnancy— such an achievement coming from my first pregnancy where I weighed 103lbs (of emptiness lol) at the start and then 157lbs towards the last couple of weeks, which led me to undergo an emergency c- section. This time I am looking forward to going for a VBAC. so, in terms of being in better shape for it, so far so good!,” she added.

Andi announced her second pregnancy via social media in early of February.

Before getting pregnant with Philmar’s child, she’s already a mother to Ellie Eigenmann, her daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. (ABS-CBN News)


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