Pseudo Communists

SO YOU FANCY yourself a communist, you’re nothing but a second rate idiot espousing an obsolete and irrelevant ideology.

And what is an idiot?

An idiot is a stupid person and stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.

There you are in Manila breaking the law vandalizing public property calling it “art” or risking life and limb and enduring hunger, disease and the elements up in the hinterlands while your revered “leader” Jose Maria Sison is having the time of his life partying like Austin Powers in the Netherlands.

If that’s not stupidity then you’re just a naïve impressionable fool.

There is no armed struggle that will lift the masses from their wretched and miserable lives in the clutches of capitalism. There is no “withering away of the state” that will turn the Philippines into a utopian proletariat paradise. What there is in these islands are organized armed mafia-like groups making a profitable and ego-tripping livelihood of kidnapping, extortion, coercion and armed robbery in the guise of “communist insurgents”  or rebels fighting to free the motherland from the evils of capitalism.

If you believe all these bullshit that the NDF-NPA are churning out then you also probably believe that Leila de Lima is a virgin and Kris Aquino was born out of “immaculate conception.”

People, we’ve been had. What started as a noble struggle for an advocacy and ideology against the Marcos dictatorship some 40 years ago has morphed into a profit-making and ego-tripping enterprise. Come to think of it, Ninoy Aquino was instrumental in the founding of the New People’s Army so the ulterior motive is most probably not noble.

Communism is not only obsolete but dead. Even the country that started it has long abandoned it for capitalism.

Russia, where the top icons of the communist movement come from, i.e. Lenin and Stalin, where Marxism became the form of government, is now the top capitalist country in the world challenging the United States to be the No. 1 capitalist country. Considering the huge debts of the United States then probably Russia is the top capitalist now.

China, the home of that No. 1 communist icon in Asia, Mao Zedong, is the No. 1 trading partner of the “hated capitalist” country, the United States of America.

The most popular American brand of athletic shoes, Nike, are made in factories in China and probably all the known American brands i.e. Gap, Converse and Levis.

These sweatshops in China where these iconic brands are made have the same conditions that prompted Karl Marx to write the “Communist Manifesto” because of the exploitation and conditions of the workers during the Industrial Revolution in England in the early 19t century.

The “rich and famous” in China, results of capitalism, spend money like there’s an endless source. Come to think of it.

So much for communism and the workers struggle.

Meanwhile in the Philippines and the Netherlands we have a bunch of senior citizens who still dream that they will turn the country into a workers’ utopian paradise and behave like they’re still in full control of the armed bandits in the countryside, a.k.a. New People’s Army, when in reality they may even have difficulty controlling their bladders.

In one of the media sorties of the NPA they like to parade this bunch doing cosplay of armed revolutionaries complete with faces painted with red “hammer and sickle, led by  an old NPA commander wearing a Red Guard uniform; obviously his inspiration is Mao Zedong’s “cultural revolution.”

This old guy wants the Philippines to be like Mao Zedong’s China. Is he aware that China is now the one of the biggest capitalists in the world? I guess not. He’s probably not also aware that Henry Sy’s SM Shoemart has one of the biggest malls in China. Come to think of it, he might not even know what a mall is.

Which makes Moi wonder why Renato Reyes, Teddy Casiño and company are not happy China has occupied some rocks in the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea, whichever is your preferred label.

Meanwhile, the Frappuccino-infused  so-called eskolar ng bayan, the supposedly “cream of the crop” students in the University of the Philippines, act out, or as millennials now call it, “cosplay” the romantic fantasies of their ageing professors as communists revolutionaries fighting to free the motherland from the evils of capitalism.

Wake up, people. Communism is obsolete and dead, and buried in Russia and China. And Mao Zedong is just a print on a T-shirt for tourists. ([email protected]/PN)


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