PSTMO deplores lack of logistical support

ILOILO City – Vehicles being used by the Public Safety and Transportation Management Office (PSTMO) have been recalled and given to another office while another one has become unserviceable. It has appealed for public understanding if it could not immediately respond to traffic concerns and on-road problems.

In its official Facebook page, the PSTMO also revealed that during the resumption of classes on June 3 its personnel used their personal vehicles to ensure the smooth and orderly flow of traffic and act on various traffic and public safety concerns.

“We are hoping, though, that under the new administration by July we can be given much needed logistical support so as also to give better and quality service to the public,” PSTMO added.


Mayor Jose Espinosa III explained that two vehicles assigned to the PSTMO and bore the name “Mayor’s Squad” were not intended for that office alone.

These were for multiple uses such as responding to traffic-related incidents, emergencies, anti-crime campaign, and security, he said.

Espinosa added that the “Mayor’s Squad” composite team, also known as Quick Response Team made up of representatives from concerned offices at city hall, was tasked to man the vehicles.

The creation of said team, Espinosa emphasized, was also a program he initiated.

But with his term nearing its end, Espinosa said he decided to dissolve the program.

“Wala to gin-issue para lang sa PSTMO. The Mayor’s Squad is a composite team. Gindula na naton ang team…Ang ina nga mga vehicles para sa mga security kag indi na ‘ya sa traffic…Kon TMTRO nga purely traffic, indi pwede ang ato nga mga salakyan. That is why gin-recall ta and we will turning those vehicles to the police kay ina are for security,” Espinosa clarified.

He added that the PSTMO can acquire vehicles and other logistics through the city’s general fund and it can happen under the incoming administration./PN


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