Roach: Pacquiao now knows he has to hurt his foes

Manny Pacquiao during his recent mitts session with Freddie Roach. WENDELL ALINEA, MP PROMOTIONS

BOXING guru Freddie Roach believes Adrien Broner will eventually go down against Manny Pacquiao despite having a sturdy chin.

Roach, who now serves as Pacquiao’s coaching consultant, said they have devised a strategy to make sure the Filipino champion will win by knockout.

“He does have a good chin,” Roach said in, referring to Broner.

He added: “But the game plan is to break him down, break the body down and he’ll go, sooner or later.”

Roach said Pacquiao will be more determined to get that knockout win against Broner on Jan. 9. The Filipino boxer tasted his first knockout victory in years against Lucas Matthysse.

For Roach, it’s all about Pacquiao’s mindset. He thinks Pacquiao’s religious beliefs got in the way of his pursuit to hurt his foes.

“He’s always had the power and so forth,” he said. “It’s just that part of it is in his head, where he didn’t have to hurt his opponents. But that went away in the last fight, and I hope that stays away.”

Roach added: “Manny watched his last fight and it was the best fight he’s had in a long time, the first knockout he’s had in probably [8 1/2] years. I think of lot of what went on there can be channeled over to this fight.” (ABS-CBN Sports)


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