Senior citizen, 63, accuses poultry caretaker of rape

ILOILO – A 63-year-old woman complained to the municipal police station of Barotac Viejo that a poultry caretaker raped her.

She was sexually assaulted around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday in her house, she told the police.

The complainant was a resident of Barangay San Lucas, Barotac Viejo and worked as a Small Town Lottery bet collector.

She told the police her attacker entered her house via the backdoor then threatened to kill her if she resisted.

The man left after raping her, according to the complainant.

Hours after the woman filed the complaint, policemen arrested the poultry caretaker.

At the Barotac Viejo police station, the man, married, denied raping the senior citizen.

The complainant, however, vowed to pursue a rape charge. She agreed to be medically examined.

Rape is a heinous crime punishable by life imprisonment.

The Anti-Rape Law of 1997, which amended the previous definition of rape, as defined in the Revised Penal Code of 1930, defines the crime of rape as follows:

Article 266-A. Rape: When And How Committed. – Rape is committed:

1) By a man who shall have carnal knowledge of a woman under any of the following circumstances: a) Through force, threat, or intimidation; b) When the offended party is deprived of reason or otherwise unconscious; c) By means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of authority; and d) When the offended party is under 12 years of age or is demented, even though none of the circumstances mentioned above be present.

2) By any person who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, shall commit an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into another person’s mouth or anal orifice, or any instrument or object, into the genital or anal orifice of another person.

Changes in 1997 expanded the definition of rape and reclassified that crime as a crime against persons instead of, as previously, grouping it with crimes against chastity./PN


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