Shop the 2019 way: 6 New Year fashion trends

YOUR fashion obsession can be made cool and trendy this 2019. From the most searched colors, most in-demand items, and to the latest styles, we got it listed for you. Here are the six fashion trends that will keep the shopaholic in you satisfied this 2019.



Pantone has spoken. Living Coral is crowned as the color of the year. This “vibrant, yet mellow” royal color is described to be “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones.” Sneakers, tops, dresses, or any item of clothing that features the coral color can instantly make you trendy this new year.



According to Teen Vogue, animal prints have graced the latter runway shows of 2018, making it a trend this 2019. Cow hide, zebra, leopard, snakeskin, or cheetah print, you are guaranteed to be a 2019 fashionista. Moreover, Harper’s Bazaar informed that Tiger Print is the “defining trend of 2019”. Among all the animal prints, Tiger Print is the standout.



This garment gathered at the shoulders and caught at the cuff to create a puffy effect made it to the list of this year’s fashion trends. Both flattering and playful, puff sleeves are becoming a lady’s favorite style. Bringing modern and vintage vibes at the same time, puff sleeves aren’t going to disappear anytime soon.



This has become a 2019 trend since according to Pinterest, “oval sunglasses” had the search increase of 591 percent. These sunglasses are actually tiny and had been trending on the 1990’s. It makes a comeback this 2019 as fashion enthusiasts opt for a vintage look.



Stylish tortoiseshell earrings are the newest jewelry trend this year. As one of the most searched fashion items on Pinterest, it is no doubt that tortoiseshell earrings have been growing in demand. Stunning visual yet subtle, tortoiseshell earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry for fashionistas this year.



This unexpected trend is for those who are daring enough to rock this look. Worn by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, biker shorts have been ubiquitous lately. Flaunted in runway shows and even on the streets, it is without any doubt that biker shorts are the newest trend. Who would’ve thought that they’d look good with boots? Kim K definitely rocks the biker shorts look and we’re pretty sure you can too.

Go get your shopping bags ready because 2019 will bring out the stylish you./PN


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