Speed limit

WHAT HAPPENED to the Speed Limiter Act that Iloilo City’s Cong. Jerry Treñas, now mayor-elect, authored? Is the Department of Transportation enforcing it? The measure lapsed into law in July 2016 yet.

Every now and then we hear of vehicular accidents. The main reason is overspeeding. The law only covers public utility vehicles, including closed vans, hauler or cargo trailers, shuttle services and tanker trucks. Still, this is already a big step in trying to curb deadly accidents caused by wayward motor vehicles.

A speed limiter is a devise used to limit the top speed of a vehicle through the employment of mechanical, electronic or communications system, or the combination of these systems or similar devices, which are capable of performing the same function.

Under the Treñas-authored  law, the installation of speed limiters is a prerequisite for registration of the covered vehicles.

Yes, this is a bold move in our quest to have safer streets. Some drivers are speed demons who have no regard for safety. It has now come to a point that we really need to install these speed limiters devices to ensure the safety of other motorists and pedestrians.

Treñas originally authored House Bill 3624, which mandated all bus companies with franchises to operate public utility buses in the Philippines, operating both city and provincial routes, to install speed limiters on all public utility buses, limiting the maximum speed to 60 kilometers per hour. His bill was consolidated with other similar measures to become House Bill 5911 which mandated the installation of speed limiters on all covered public utility vehicles, including closed vans, hauler or cargo trailer, shuttle services and tanker trucks. The Senate version (Senate Bill 2999) only covered Public Utility Buses.

The House and Senate approved Republic Act 10916 or the Road Speed Limiter Act of 2016 in the 16th Congress but the measure only lapsed into law on July 16, 2016.

Too many lives have been lost due reckless driving and by installing speed limiters, these drivers will no longer have the discretion to drive their vehicles beyond the maximum speed limit.


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