Task force to probe Chinese flag ‘planted’ in Boracay

MALAY, Aklan – The Boracay Inter Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG) will look into the motive of an unidentified tourist who recently planted a Chinese flag on the white sands of the world-famous island.   

“If it was used as a locator for a group tour, I don’t think there’s a problem. But if it was done to make a malicious statement, that is a different story,” BIARMG head Natividad Bernardino told Panay News, saying they have yet to identify the motive behind the display of the Chinese flag. 

Two photos went “viral” on social media showing a tourist displaying a Chinese flag at the beachfront and at the stage of the Balabag Elementary School.      

The photos were now deleted on its original social media post but a netizen who noticed it has reposted the photos – which have since drew various reactions.               

Based on the Malay Municipal Tourism Office’ data, Chinese has topped the list of foreign tourists who visited Boracay, posting a total of 389,885 arrivals from Jan. to Oct this year.

Korean tourists came in second with 334,201 tourist arrivals.

They were followed by Taiwanese tourists with 28,455 arrivals.

The total foreign tourist arrivals were also comprised of Americans with 1,533; Russians, 1,002; Saudi Arabians, 964; Australians, 763; Britons, 733; Japanese, 617; and Germans with  444.

This year, the number of international visitors is expected to hit the a million mark with the increase in the services of low-cost carriers and sustained travel demand from source markets./PN



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