Team ‘AlGoNa’ falls apart; Nava bares Gonzalez rift

Councilor Joshua Alim (left), Dr. Pacita Gonzalez (center) and Councilor Plaridel Nava.

ILOILO City – Team AlGoNa, the political team-up of Councilor Joshua Alim, Dr. Pacita Gonzalez and Councilor Plaridel Nava has fallen apart.

Gonzalez was distrustful, according to Nava.

Gonzalez, wife of the late Justice secretary Raul Gonzalez Sr., is running for mayor with Nava as her vice mayor and Alim as their candidate for congressman.

According to Nava, Gonzalez demanded that he drop his and Alim’s campaign leaders not supportive of her as candidate for mayor.

Nava said he refused because “my leaders have been with me since 2010 and they have stuck with me through thick and thin. I can’t force them to switch sides kay una na sila naka-commit kay (Cong. Jerry) Treñas and (Mayor Jose) Espinosa (III).”

Treñas and Espinosa are both running for mayor, too.

Nava said he still has a lot of campaign leaders supportive “straight” of the AlGoNa group but Gonzalez was very insistent.

“For the past several months amo lang na pirmi ginabaisan namon. Instead mag-focus kami sa kampanya kon paano magdaog, pirmi kami ginasukmaan, ginaakigan nga may nagaupod sa amon campaign nga indi straight (AlGoNa),” said Nava.

He and Alim got fed up, said Nava.

“The other day gin-pressure kami. Kon indi namon pag-i-drop ang mga leaders nga indi straight AlGoNa, makanya-kanya na lang. So siling ko okay,” he revealed.

But Team AlGoNa may yet be salvaged. Today, Alim, Gonzalez and Nava are having a meeting.

“Joshua and our candidates for city councilor are still hoping to salvage our group and save what’s left of it. I am not closing my door either. But the only way I can return to AlGoNa is for Marigold Gonzalez to leave us alone in this campaign,” said Nava.

Marigold is Gonzalez’s daughter. Nava believed she was sowing intrigue within their group.

“Magkampanya kami ginapadal-an ‘ya kami spy kag gina video-han kami kon ginadala namon si Mommy ‘ya sa kampanya or wala. Te it’s not healthy for the group kun may ara distrust,” said Nava./PN


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