The Marivic Mabilog peep show

JED MABILOG is indeed a lucky man. Most people in his situation would probably hire a bodyguard or bodyguards, or acquire a guard dog (preferably a Rottweiler or a Doberman) for protection. After all, not many people have suffered the wrath of Digong a.k.a. President Rodrigo Duterte and still live to tell about it.

And why should Jed Mabilog even think of getting bodyguards or a guard dog when he has his “lovely and charming” wife Marivic who will not only fight tooth and nail for him but take a bullet as well.

Some people are born lucky while Jed is blessed…

They say a man or husband who cooks is attractive while one who washes the dishes is irresistible, so a woman or a wife who will stand up and not only defend but fight for you as well is sexy beyond reasonable doubt.

So simply put, Marivic Mabilog is sexy beyond reasonable doubt (no pun intended).

Move over “Wonder Woman” and “Captain Marvel.” Here comes Marivic Mabilog and what a lovely coincidence, perhaps a twist of fate, that this is Women’s Month.

She is exactly what every male politician in this country need, someone with the “balls” to fight the most powerful man in the country for the man she loves.

I wonder if Rosalie Treñas will do that for Jerry or Candy Biron for Ferjie. Perish the thought, of course these ladies will do the same for their man.

So what brought about the Marivic Mabilog peep show?

Excerpts from the March 16, 2019 issue of Panay News:

NADA. ZERO. ZILCH’: Mabilog’s wife calls President ‘serial liar’

Former city first lady Marivic Mabilog accused President Rodrigo Duterte of being a “serial liar” and “scheming con-man” after her husband – dismissed mayor Jed Patrick – was included anew in the government’s so-called “narco-list” of public officials.

“If your latest narco-list is truly validated, why don’t your furnish the media the…sources of your data, properly validated by the reporting agencies?” Mabilog posted on Facebook.

The Mabilogs are abroad. They have not confirmed their whereabouts after fleeing the country in August 2017 but it is believed they are in Canada.

On Thursday night, the President linked Mabilog’s husband anew to illegal drugs.

“Mr President, at best you are a serial liar. At worst you are one scheming con-man,” Mrs Mabilog posted on Facebook.

Duterte has been repeatedly accusing the former mayor of being an illegal drugs protector since 2016.

In truth, Mrs Mabilog stressed, the President had no proof “despite having the full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources.”

“You came up empty against Jed. Nada. Zero. Zilch. You resorted to lies and fabrication which your own agencies have consistently rebutted. You think continually shaming him and lying about him will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armor are the truths you refuse to acknowledge,” according to Mrs Mabilog.

The Mabilogs left the country for fear of their lives. In October 2017 while already abroad, the Office of the Ombudsman dismissed Jed Patrick from government service for unexplained wealth.

For those who have short-term memories, Jed Mabilog was formerly the Mayor of “I Am Iloilo City” infamous for the tag line “most shabulized city.” He also had the distinction of being in all President Duterte’s narco-list.

Of course, Jed was dismissed from government service by the Ombudsman for unexplained wealth.

It is no secret to the natives of “I Am Iloilo City” that Jed and Marivic plus their children are in Canada as Marivic is a Canadian citizen and they own property there. Now I am not sure if Canada has an extradition treaty with the Philippines; we will leave that to President Duterte and his legal people as we all are aware what he is capable of.

For all her posturing and acoustics Marivic Mabilog seems brave and pretty determined to take on President Rodrigo Duterte and argue him to death with posts on social media, particularly on Facebook from the comfort of her home in Canada.

She seems smug enough that she can hold her own against President Duterte on Facebook spewing her tirades from her perceived safe haven in Canada.

By the way folks, let me just park this: E101341- CTS 1990 No. 36 or Treaty on Extradition Between Canada and the Republic of the Philippines.

It makes one wonder if Marivic Mabilog would still have the gall to say those tirades against President Duterte if she’s there right now in their house in Barangay Tap-oc, Molo district and not in Canada. ([email protected]/PN)


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