There are 100 million of us

SO DID someone of supposed knowledgeable stance and critical judgment exclaimed – waiting for the people to tremble on their knees, expecting the general public to wallow in sorrow and repentance.

But the presumably one big bad news proved to be simply but one big dud. It is not wise and prudent to say, however, that the said proclamation, exclamation or whatever, should not merit even but a brief and candid consideration – no matter how vacuous or fatuous it is in the realm of facts.

It is highly possible that the source of the supposedly heart-stopping news is a minion of organizations and/or companies that are ex-professo anti-population, pro-birth control and abortion as their corporate sequential world mission.

There are 100 million Filipinos all over the land! There are 100 million mouths demanding to have something to eat two if not three times a day, 24/7! Hence, there are likewise 100 million bodies expecting to be clothed and housed! This is big catastrophe in the waiting, a horrible socioeconomic debacle just around the corner!

But how about certain simple questions – in wait for likewise simple answers: Who did the counting? How and when was it made? Is there a reasonable methodology used for the counting? Are there tenable records to show a rational count made?

Is there something much more than mere words to buttress up such a declaration which precisely is about concrete numbers? Or, are people bound to believe such a daring announcement as an article of faith?

With “100 million of us” – right now and right here – just as living would be a huge liability and so should smiling turn to wailing. Blessed wherefore are those who die or who are killed or simply disappear from the face of the earth.

In the same way, welcome “climate change” with the fatal, deep and wide floods it causes, the fatal revolt of nature it brings about, the irreparable damages it promotes now and its deadly impact into the times yet to come – not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well. And if Filipinos are now 100 million, it becomes understandable that letting them get sick and die, become an option – just as big and continuous massacres become likewise big and continuous blessing and grace for Filipinos today and the time yet to come.

Thus it is too that deadly plagues are much welcome in the country, and even internal wars are great solutions to local over-population. All these deadly human ventures/adventures are simply perfect for an overall cleansing of the Filipino people, their fast and drastic diminution in number. It is but applying the bogus teaching that socio-economic progress is assured and fast, the smaller the number of Filipinos becomes.

Question: How come developed Asian countries – concretely like Singapore – are worried to death about their continuously decreasing population?

There are certainly more questions worth asking and answering – but the said but one question would be enough – for the moment./PN


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