Time for change

THIS COMING May 2019 elections will be interesting – another turning of a page in history.

For one, at last, the terms of many public officials have come to an end. Undefeatable and re-elected every elections, they have now reached the limit of three full terms in office. Having occupied the seat for decades I thought, what else do you want?

Growing old in government service for such length of time, I erroneously thought, would be enough prestige and vainglory. It appears not so, for aging and long-playing candidates are still running for public office. How long is forever?

On my part, one week in City Hall would last a lifetime of money…I mean, memory.  Come to think of it, how much money can you steal in one week?

Aha, maybe this is the reason why our politicians desperately and doggedly cling to stay forever in office. It is difficult to let go of money and power especially if you have grown used to it.

Now we must make the choices among the candidates in the political line-up. It is reassuring to know that we will be stuck up with them probably until next election year, unless sooner removed by the Ombudsman.

And do we have a choice in the candidates’ list? There are the ancient names; has-beens and sour faces refusing to fade away and ride off into the sunset. A 94-year-old walking dead is still running for senator and since he can’t be happy anymore, he campaigns that you be happy for him. Not a bad thought for an old man time has forgotten to bury.

What else can a 94-year-old be looking forward to? Only 95. After serving the Filipino people for decades, he has forgotten what he has done for them.

And aside from enriching themselves, what has actually been done by our public officials to alleviate the plight of the poor jokers…voters who enshrined them in public office?

At my age, having participated thru the years, in the political exercise, the issues and the slogans have never changed. It is just one administration replacing the other and worse. The campaign promises continue to be the same verbose echo of solving poverty and unemployment, to serve the people, re-building roads and bridges; eradicate graft and corruption. Occasionally, there are variations to the theme

With the advent of modern electronic technology, though, politicians can text you not to vote for them or Face-Box you with false news; those who can afford are in TV and radio. Newspapers, too, partake in the largesse brought about by this our democratic electoral process; all expensive means of communication during election time. And it seems that everyone earns and profits. Why not?  As a redeeming feature, to ease the debilitating effects of graft and corruption, loot must be shared with the victims.

Statistics disclose that funeral parlors register a high spike in profit during elections. Surprisingly, bodies pile up at the crematorio even before the start of the campaign period and it is expected that there will be more to come, between now, election day and its aftermath. The usual cadavers are fearsome radio commentators or fearless political leaders who lose the argument.

I advocate, though, this election year, that you choose your candidates carefully; and please do not vote for old candidates, like me. Give this election, some study and vote for the young unheard of unknowns, who have at least a reasonable head on top their shoulders. Don’t be stupid.

Give them this chance. Let us change court. Change of style and tempo. Change your clothes. Change your wife…ay, life.   Let us try the new ones and their fresh recipe for governance. I’m tired of being fed and eating the same old sh______./PN


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