Trending Capital: Mall singer goes viral

By Raymart Escopel

FILIPINOS are fond of singing. In fact, one of every Filipinos’ favorite hobbies is singing – may it be working, taking a bath, pursuing someone, simply bored or conquering the world of videoke.

Whether blessed with a golden voice or not, we love to show off our singing prowess with extreme confidence as soon as we get our hands on a microphone and a videoke machine.

The moment a coin has been dropped and the first note starts to play, friends and families serving as audience, should brace themselves for an impromptu mini-concert.

Speaking of singing, a video of a random girl singing inside a mall became viral these past days.

The girl on the video was identified as Alisah Banaobra. In the said video, she is seen to be belting out Angeline Quinto’s “Patuloy ang Pangarap,” one of her favorite “birit” sings in singing contests. Her strong vocal skills caused a crowd to gather around her, amazed and blown out.

This is not Banaobra’s first time to fame as she was previously seen singing her own version of the hit song “Let It Go” which gave every viewer goosebumps.

Like every professional singers, Banaobra successfully hit the high notes and belted out as if it was her concert.

The four-minute video was uploaded over the weekend and has been the hot cake in various social networking sites, earning thousands of likes, shares and views.

The video shows how the amateur singer startled her audience. Even the people coming from the different levels of the mall made their way to see where the undiscovered diva is.

With that scenario, Banaobra has indeed turned the mall into her own concert hall at the Araneta Coliseum.

The viral singer has indeed proved that we, Filipinos are talented individuals. No matter where we are and what craft we are in, we still shine in many ways and astound the people who are watching us./PN