Venezuela detains top aide to Guaido in move US calls ‘big mistake’

Personal belongings are seen on the floor at the residence of Roberto Marrero, chief of staff to opposition leader Juan Guaido, after he was detained by Venezuelan intelligence agents, according to legislators, in Caracas, Venezuela on March 21, 2019. REUTERS

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan authorities detained opposition leader Juan Guaido’s chief of staff on Thursday in a pre-dawn raid, an escalating crackdown by President Nicolas Maduro against his opponents that the White House said would “not go unanswered.”

Maduro’s government accused Roberto Marrero of planning attacks against top political figures, which the opposition said was false and an act of intimidation.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, called for the immediate release of Marrero and warned that “Maduro has made another big mistake,” adding that the arrest “will not go unanswered.”(Reuters)


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