What’s up with Ati-Atihan?

ILOILO City – The Ati-Atihan season is here. Being among the most sought-after festivals not only in Western Visayas but in the entire country, the annual celebration gathers thousands of merrymakers in Aklan’s capital town of Kalibo.

We’ve asked some people what were their fondest memories of the festival, and here are their answers!

“It’s so much fun – as in worth it. You can join different groups of people who do the sadsad while walking to the park. Before you reach the park though, you’re already drunk because they give you shots. On Sunday, we did join the procession for the Santo Niño…You will walk for miles but it’s totally worth it. The fun the sadsad brings will keep your exhaustion away. That’s why it’s called the ‘Mother of all Philippine Festivals.'” – Joss Patenio, Numancia, Aklan

“Ati-Atihan never fails to amuse me. A weeklong chance to unwind, have fun, forget about your problems and most importantly, celebrate the feast of Sto. Niño. Watching everybody dance and sing to the beat of drums on the streets makes me smile. Ati-Atihan really unites all; regardless of skin color, gender or social status. As long as you hear the beat of the drums, the street is yours.” – James Clyde, Banga, Aklan

“Ati-Atihan is so much fun. It’s different from other festivals I attended. In Ati-Atihan, you’ll never bore yourself of just sitting. The festival will make you dance.” – Rgen Pascua, Sebaste, Antique

“We joined the performers as they danced and chanted during the parade. We took pictures with the performers as well.” – Alyssa Pacheco, Patnongon, Antique

“It’s very fun, especially the sadsad in the evening. Watching the bands and the performing tribes was a plus, too!” – Rayzel Cortes, Kalibo, Aklan

“If it’s your first time, you’ll surely be amazed. Ati-Atihan is super fun. You’ll see people drinking and dancing on the streets while chanting ‘Hala bira!’ You won’t shy away from the fun because everyone’s dancing like they don’t care. It’s wet and wild!” – Kimmy Abarro, Altavas, Aklan

Ati-Atihan 2019 ends tomorrow, Jan. 20. So you still have time to see for yourself what the festival really has to offer. Pack those bags and ride the bus, it’s not yet too late to experience the fun that’s Ati-Atihan!/PN


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