Whom to vote

THE LIST of candidates are awash of many re-electionists and new comers.

The common voter, semi-illiterate, has a hard time choosing whom to vote. He usually does not know the candidates.


Perhaps, the following may help.

* Vote for the candidate who has not been accused in any administrative, civil or criminal case. More often, he is guilty as charged. Involvement in nefarious activities speaks tomes of the character and quality of the candidate. We do not need these people to represent us.

* Do not vote for candidates whose parents or relatives have already held public office. How greedy can you be? Give others the chance to serve. There are many more far deserving and qualified. Public office is not hereditary property which can be handed down to son, daughter, mother-in-law, uncle or aunt. Remember, the son also steals.

* For obvious reasons, do not vote for shabu candidates…or for those who, directly or indirectly, serve the drug master.

* Do not vote for leftists…or those who are not right-handed. Our brothers and sisters who are consecrated to the overthrow of government will always rally in the streets…regardless, if JOMA is elected kagawad of Lambunao. Peace is anathema to them; discord and disorder their way of life.

* I have no objection to the LGBTG crowd. But their innate genius belongs more to the beauty parlor, movie industry and cosmetics, where their hair-ticulture talents prevail. They are everywhere and cannot be denied. The 2019 No. 1 Bar topnotcher is an openly gay fruitcake and he got high grades. They are a fearsome force to consider and I have many lawyer friends among them. As a matter of fact, there is a local mayor who admitted… “Huod…agila ako pero indi matakaw!” He…ah…she…is far better than any corrupt public switik…ah, servant.

* Do not vote for movie stars. Most are dropouts and have no formal schooling. They think that the House of Representatives or Senate is a shooting and they are usually late. They belong to the tinsel world of fantasy and make-believe. And that is where they should stay..with Dyesebel and Captain Barbell.

* Vote for decent, honest and trustworthy lawyers. Which is hard to find. They are best qualified because the public office is that of a legislator; the passing of laws for the common weal, and within the competence of lawyers. Our problem is how to find good and honest lawyers. You know, there are no lawyers in heaven which leaves only one place where they could be found.

* Do not vote for quite young candidates or ancient gnarled candidates. The younger candidates can afford to bide their time. They can gain invaluable experience and wisdom before ripening into competent candidacy…but the really old panit…like JPE, at 96 still running for senator? And none of his grandchildren can stop him. There was a Senators’ Forum where the candidates who, were over-flowing in numbers, were given two minutes each to speak. When JPE was called, he stood up from his seat and cane-walked to the microphone at the center of the stage. By the time he reached the microphone, the moderator said, “ Sir, your two minutes is up!” So, JPE said: “Gusto ko hapi kamo.” And hobbled back to his seat.

* Do not vote for any PARTY-LIST. They are vexations to the soul and do not represent the will of the people…only two percent of questionable booo-ters.

* And most important, do not vote for candidates that are not in the Comelec list of candidates.

* I have more priceless tips but come May 14, I am absolutely certain that my candidates won. ([email protected]/PN)


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