Why didn’t Anne need a leading man in ‘Aurora’?

ANNE Curtis followed the box office hit “BuyBust” with a horror-tragedy film “Aurora” which is part of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

In an interview with Karen Davila, Anne and Aurora director Yam Laranas explained that this movie is about survival and women empowerment.

“These (‘BuyBust’ and ‘Aurora’) are the amazing scripts that fell into my lap, and I’m happy that it’s all about women empowerment. I mean it’s such a great movement, it’s in time with everything that’s been happening in Hollywood and in the movie industry all across the world so I think it’s great. You know being in a country where it’s always about love teams,” said Anne, who admitted being proud of her recent films where she was not partnered with a leading man.

Director Yam Laranas also recalled the many times that he was asked why Anne did not have a love interest in “Aurora.”

“We’ve been asked many times about that, ‘Who’s the love team of Anne?’ And I go, ‘Wait, should I answer it correctly, baka they’ll get turned off kasi walang love team.’ And I’ll say, ‘You know what, it’s Anne’s and Leana’s (Anne’s character) film. It’s a story of survival. This person, a woman, who survives is a strong character and does not need a man,” said Laranas to host Karen Davila.

In the same interview, Anne revealed that she will be doing a new romantic drama next year to be directed by Jason Paul Laxamana. “You know I’m set to do another film next year, which is going back to the roots, the drama, with JP Laxamana (director). That’s next year pa, so I’m still going to do it,” Anne said.

“Aurora” is one of the eight entries of the Metro Manila film festival 2018. The cast also includes Marco Gumabao, Mercedes Cabral, and more. (Push)


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