BRACE yourselves because Runway Kitchen in Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo takes you on an International food adventure!

Located on the ground floor of the lush hotel, Runway Kitchen opens its doors for lunch everyday from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. The P850 rate per person is surely worth it because the lunch buffet comprises of authentically cooked recipes from all around the world. These include nine stations featuring Western, Filipino, Japanese, and local Ilonggo dishes to mention a few.

What made this possible?

Who is behind this glorious all-around-the-world food trip?

It is Executive Chef Chachpol Suaisom!


Inside the busy kitchen where smokes from pans are visible and the aroma of food fills the air, Chef Suaisom along with his culinary team expertly cook, prepare, and put together the recipes that make a fantastic buffet.

The Thai chef further shared that his cooking history started from the age of 16. As a student, he had part time jobs which included him helping in a kitchen. Also, his family had a small restaurant back then and he helped his mother as she cooked.

Chef Suaisom who comes from Thailand has visited more than 20 countries. He gets to interact with people of different races, cultures, and practices. Through his travels, he has learned the variations of food from all around the world. His explorations gave him the inspiration and skill to cook what is being served now in Runway Kitchen.

Flash forward to 1997, the chef began his career in Marriott International. As the years go by and several travels later, he was promoted as Executive Chef eight years ago, in 2010.

He further told Panay News that when people are asked who they think the best cook is, most of them would answer that it is their mother. What makes a meal special is the vibe of home and nostalgia that comes with it.

Marriott, being the leading lodging company in the industry, has different guests coming from all around the world. With the varieties of food to be chosen in the buffet, the guests’ homesickness can be forgotten as they taste the meal coming from their home country.

Simple yet sophisticated, the varieties of food to choose from leaves an overwhelming grip on your taste buds and a feeling of a classic sensation.


The classic experience doesn’t only come from the irresistible list of food to choose from. The name of Runway Kitchen itself holds a classic reason to it. The site of Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park was the old airport and Runway Kitchen is named after its old runway – the exact spot of the restaurant’s location.

Speaking of classic, Runway Kitchen is the perfect place to spend momentous events. One of these is birthdays.

Birthday celebrants get a free lunch buffet on weekdays all throughout their birth month, just as long as they are joined by 5 friends or family members. The best part is that these guests have 20% discount from their bill. If you have less than 5 guests, it isn’t a problem because the same discount privilege will be used.

Plus, the hotel’s hosts will sing you a birthday song before you make a wish and blow your candle in your very own cake.

Aside from the accommodating staff and the peaceful atmosphere, Runway Kitchen has the classy yet casual feel. The tranquil vibe provides the perfect amount of volume for conversations.

Parents will also be provided with a peaceful dining experience as their kids can go to the Candy Shop. It is a shop located inside the restaurant where colorful, sweet, and mouth-watering candies catch the attention of children. There are a lot of locally sourced candies kids can choose from. Illuminating in very sweet colors, the smiles of the kids are inevitable.


Runway Kitchen is a must-go restaurant because of the happiness it brings to your tummy traveling up to your heart. The soup of the day is warm and appetizing, the main dishes make you breathless, the desserts satisfy your sweet cravings, and the drinks are thirst-quenching. What’s more to ask for?

With 21 years of cooking in Marriott and several traveling experiences, Chef Suaisom said, “This (Marriott) is the best company in the world for me.”

And so, let the best company take you to the world./PN


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