Airplane etiquette: 9 unwritten rules

RECENTLY, a friend tweeted a photo of her fellow plane passenger – a woman in her 40s – cutting her toenails while onboard. Sure, the woman probably has her reasons but would it hurt to wait until you get home to cut your nails?

In this generation where plane rides have become a hobby for most people, airplane etiquette seems to have been forgotten. Certainly, the plane doesn’t carry a manual for etiquette. But it is common courtesy; even the little things should be done in a proper way.

Here, we compile nine unwritten rules of plane etiquette:

  1. Take note of how security works

It is basic knowledge that before you go to the security line, you should have your ID and boarding pass ready. Your pockets should be emptied, watches and belts removed, liquids separated. Always think ahead. This way, you’ll get through the security lane faster.

  1. Pack courteously

The overhead bin is a limited space; don’t hog it. Always place your luggage vertically rather than horizontally to provide more space for other passengers’ luggage. If other passengers need help in putting their bags in the bin, extend your assistance.

  1. Avoid loud conversations

Be cautious when starting conversations with other passengers. Some people on the plane are dead tired they just want to come home and sleep. Others are reading, making reports, and studying, among others. You don’t want to be disturbed when you’re also exhausted or focusing on something, right?

  1. Be courteous to flight attendants

Some people are so entitled they think flight attendants are their slaves. But they are more than just pretty faces on a plane. They ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable during a flight. Always be courteous to them.

  1. Take care of your kids

Kids are the rowdiest during flights. They are cute, yes. But when they cry, you’re pretty much damned. Imagine all the sleeping passengers that they can disturb. That would be embarrassing. Also, teach your kids to behave. It may be challenging but that’s the way to go.

  1. Get up during convenient times

Do not go to the lavatory when the flight attendant with a cart is on the aisle. That will be very inconvenient for the both of you. Plan your restroom breaks ahead.

  1. Do not remove your footwear and display your bare feet

This is just gross and rude.

  1. Respect space

The middle-seat passenger always gets the armrests – that is a rule. Also, choose your sleeping position well. Do not rest your head on a stranger’s shoulder.

  1. Get off the plane efficiently

We know you are eager to get off the plane – everybody is. But please still show courtesy even after the flight.

These plane etiquettes are rather simple but some people lack the discipline and courtesy to follow them. They are not so hard to do, right?/PN


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